A Guide to How Covid-19 Impacted Addiction Recovery

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The ongoing pandemic has been hard on everyone, especially those with alcohol and drug addiction. Without strong social networks, it’s been difficult to maintain the mental strength to avoid relapsing. And drug abuse has increased Covid severity and resulted in further health concerns.

Read on to find a guide to how Covid-19 impacted addiction recovery.

Substance Abuse Went Up

Drug use and alcohol intake became coping mechanisms for many during the pandemic. Individuals lost jobs or began working from home while their kids learned remotely. All of these stressors became a lot to shoulder.

Hard liquor and drug abuse become an easy crutch when times are hard. As a result, more individuals develop drug and alcohol dependency. This, in turn, can lead to more overdoses, chronic health issues, and strained relationships.

Fewer Social Resources to Help Alcohol and Drug Addiction

With the cancellation of social gatherings like holiday parties, addicts lack a social outlet. Even the act of going to a physical workplace and interacting with coworkers can stave off a relapse. But without steady social interaction, those with drug addiction may sink into depression.

For addicts who live alone, the risk of substance abuse is higher. The best solution is to create a strong social network with daily check-ins.

Limited Access to Addiction Recovery 

During pandemic lockdowns, many were fearful of venturing outside. And in particular, clinics and health agencies turned into high-risk environments. This meant fewer people sought addiction recovery.

As the world begins to open up, individuals may more easily find treatment for addiction. Contact Hope Rising to take the first step toward addiction treatment.

Drug Addiction Interferes with Following Safety Protocol

When someone is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they have impaired judgment. During the pandemic, this translated into addicted individuals neglecting to follow safety protocol. This includes wearing masks in public spaces, washing hands frequently, and getting vaccinated.

An intoxicated or high individual already is engaging in risky behavior. During a pandemic, they may be interacting with symptomatic people and increasing their chances of exposure.

Drug Addiction Can Increase Severity of Covid Symptoms

Increased alcohol and drug addiction put some individuals at higher risk of severe Covid, too. Drug abuse can intensify other issues related to the lungs, like COPD or asthma. And many drug abusers have compromised immune systems or are at a higher risk of stroke.

Further, landing in the hospital takes a toll on the healthcare system and one’s budget. Seeking addiction treatment is the best way to manage substance abuse and all individuals should get vaccinated. These are the most effective approaches to reduce Covid severity.

Find Treatment for Addiction

Addiction recovery took a hit during the pandemic due to a combination of factors related to access. Without job stability and a robust social network, many individuals found themselves without the addiction treatment they needed. And because of this, they put themselves at higher risk of severe Covid symptoms or even hospitalization.

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