CBSE class 10 syllabus

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The CBSE Board has declared the examination dates for Class 10th in 2021. CBSE class 10th syllabus has been also declared. However, due to the rise in Covid cases in different parts of India, the scheduled date of 4th of May 2021 has been postponed and new dates will be announced soon. Students are now have extra time for the preparation of exam, planning & tips in order to achieve a score of 99 or 100 percent. To help the cause, we’re going to reveal the top ten exam preparation strategies that the majority of toppers have used.

1.Examine the Syllabus first.

All begins with a well-thought-out strategy. This the most fundamental piece of advice for exam preparation that most students fail to follow. Comprehensively go over your CBSE Class 10th Syllabus. The syllabus is designed to provide students with a roadmap for their studies. It will assist students in creating a proper study plan for the upcoming board exam.

2. Take Care of Your Notes

The importance of taking good notes cannot be overstated. Consider it a necessary measure. Your notes are the only assets that can help you skim the entire book in a short amount of time while studying for the test. Anjali Verma, the UP Board Class 10th topper, claimed that she used notes for revision every day. Hence, if you really want to achieve those results, don’t forget to take notes. For each concept, we have a free set of NCERT Class 10th Notes.

3. Assess Yourself

The primary objective of the exam is to assess your learning curve. Therefore, it’s a good idea to test yourself as much as possible when studying for the board exam. Take a test whenever you have the opportunity. Students can evaluate themselves using CBSE Class 10th Sample Papers. Previous year’s Question Papers are also a good option to keep in mind. This procedure will assist students in gaining a thorough understanding of the exam pattern and marking scheme.

Riya Jain, a topper from the UP Board’s class 10th 2020, said in an interview that she took a lot of tests from September to January while studying for the exam.

4. Use the Internet to Research

The Internet is the most comprehensive source for research and exam preparation material. If you get stuck on any chapter or topic while studying for the CBSE Class 10th board test, use the internet. YouTube is a fantastic resource for acquiring new skills and expanding knowledge. Hence, if there is a subject about which you are unsure, watch YouTube videos about it, as much as possible. Students may also use to locate the needed study materials. Most materials on the internet are available for free.

5. Maintain Consistency

Maintain consistency in your exam or prioritize research planning. Do not miss a single day. Stick to your research schedule and follow it. Go through the revision notes for CBSE Class 10th, regularly. The secret to success is to stick to the plan. Toppers have often mentioned in their interviews that they followed their schedule to the letter.

6. Study at the Appropriate Time

Consider when you feel the most energised and focused on your studies. Pick a time when you’ll be able to read more efficiently. The majority of students say they prefer to prepare in the morning, although a few say they prefer to read late at night. Therefore, because everyone is different, choose the time that best suits you. Remember one thing: regardless of when you study make sure you are consistently studying every single day and complete all of your preparation’s short-term objectives.

7. Music and the Environment

To be completely frank, the atmosphere is extremely important while learning. The benefits of studying in a safe and organised environment has been demonstrated by science. So, to study for your exams, find a place that is quiet, safe, and well-organized. Music, in addition to the ambiance, plays an important role in learning. For certain students, studying while listening is not a viable choice, since every individual is unique. However, it has been clinically established that some types of music can help with focus.

8. Take frequent, short breaks.

Continuously studying for an extended period of time can be harmful to your health. Often try to take a short break in the middle of your studying session. There is a common study technique known as the “Pomodoro technique.” This method can be used to prepare for your test. This technique will help you stay fresh and inspired for an extended period of time.

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