From 2021 Onwards, What Will Be The CBSE Marking System For Classes 10 And 12?
From 2021 Onwards, What Will Be The CBSE Marking System For Classes 10 And 12?

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Students must get acquainted with the CBSE grading system for 10 and 12 for 2021 since board exams are knocking on the door. According to the sources, marks will be collected from the students’ internal assessments and formative or summative assessments like term exams throughout the year. Practical exam marks will also be collected for grading in the exam. Its high time that students should know about the grading system, pass criteria, and merit certificate of the CBSE board in the year 2021. Students can prepare themselves better if they know the marking scheme for the year 2021. In a pandemic situation, students can take help from class12 maths RD Sharma solutions. The rd sharma class 12 solutions is a great book for the ones who want to score high. With online classes, students are not able to reach their teachers properly and clear their doubts. Especially studying and understanding maths online is difficult, so this book will be helpful.

The Grading System For The Class 12 Exam Is?

Sanyam Bharadwaj, the CBSE board controller, informed that the internal assessment would be used to declare the results according to the new making system. If the students appear in more than three exams, then the average of the best three marks will be awarded to the subject whose paper cannot be conducted. If circumstances did not permit and students can give two exams. Then the average of two exam marks will be awarded to the exams not conducted. The average marks of the best performing subjects will be given to the exams which are not yet conducted. 

General Guidelines For Board Exams In CBSE

  • The examination scheme of the CBSE board and passing criteria of board exams are amended with time.
  • Board exams are conducted by CBSE. Internal exams are conducted by schools. So questions in each school will vary depending on the difficulty level of the exams. Similarly, the marks will vary amongst students. 
  • The syllabus of class 10 and class12 did not change.

Criteria To Pass CBSE Exams 

  • Candidates should score 33% overall in the subjects to be eligible for passing the exams. This is for the candidate appearing for the class 10 exam, 2021.
  • In each subject, the student has to score 33% of marks to pass. The practical papers are also included. Hence students will have to score 33 % in both practical and the subject paper to pass the exam.
  • Every student should achieve above grade ‘E’ to be eligible as a passing candidate.

CBSE Grading System, The Year 2021

  • According to CBSE board rules, the theory and practical exam assessments should be in numerical scores. 
  • Only the grade will be provided in the mark sheet of the students.
  • CBSE uses letter grades on the nine-point scale on the external assessments.
  • The marks that a student will achieve in the board exam will be converted to a grade on the results. The grades will be given upon the marks that the students score. 

CBSE will award these grades to the students depending on their scores:

A11/8th of the top candidates.
A21/8th next passed candidates.
B11/8th next passed candidates.
B21/8th next passed candidates.
C11/8th next passed candidates.
C21/8th next passed candidates.
D11/8th next passed candidates.
D21/8th next passed candidates.
FFailed candidates.

Candidates Must Remember These Points.

  • CBSE makes a mirror variation in the proportion of candidates in case of a tie.
  • All the students will score the same grade if there is a tie. If the division of the number of students is required at a scoring point, the smaller segment will go with the larger.
  • If the number of students applying for the examination 2021 is more than 500, only the grading system is applicable. 
  • The grading will be adopted on the pattern of grading and distribution in other similar subjects if the total number of students applying for the examination is less than 500.

CBSE Curriculum

The CBSE curriculum is not only surrounded by theoretical subjects. It takes care of extracurricular activities as well as physical activities. It includes a strict curriculum for class 10 and class 12 students. These rules are also obeyed by CBSE-affiliated schools. The curriculum consists of social and physical curriculum as well. It embeds constitutional values in the younger generation. It provides an equal environment for all the students to inherit the scientific and logical thoughts with real-life-skills.

Merit Certificate

  • Top students or 0.1% of top students will get a Merit certificate from the CBSE board.
  • No Merit certificates are issued or awarded to any students if the number of candidates passing the examination will be less than 500.
  • By averaging the number of candidates passing each subject to the nearest multiple of thousand, the board will decide the number of certificates to be generated. 
  • If there is a win and tie situation, then all the students scoring the same marks will be awarded a merit certificate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1)Will this Grading system help me score marks?

Ans: This grading system of the CBSE board provided many advantages for the students to score excellent marks in different subjects. The grading system will encourage all the students to pursue higher studies and achieve their goals and dreams. The grading system does not discriminate against the students reduces discrimination. All students are judged based on their merit. The students are encouraged with the Merit Certificates also. 

They are encouraged in extracurricular activities as well as their social and cultural behaviour is also developed well. According to the new norms, the CBSE board will not fail any class 10 students as a survey shows that students’ interest has grown towards a skill-based subject, so the CBSE board included that in the curriculum. These rules are also obeyed by the schools, which are CBSE-affiliated. Now if one student works hard on his/her study and  the concepts are clear then he/she will surely score good grades.

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