All you need to know about Lightburn Software

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LightBurn is software for laying out, editing, and controlling laser cutters. You can use LightBurn for:

  • Artwork can be imported in many popular vector graphic and image formats (AI, PDF, SVG, DXF, PLT, PNG, JPG, GIF, and BMP).
  • You can edit and arrange vector shapes to create new ones and apply powerful editing tools like offsetting, Boolean operations, welding, and node editing.
  • Setting options such as power, motion, speed, number of passes, brightness, contrast, dithering mode, and more.
  • LightBurn supports Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Designed for lasers

Lightburn communicates directly with your laser without the need for additional software.

Current support includes most guides, proven, top wisdom, Gcode, and other controllers. Grbl supports smoothie ware, GRBL-LPC, and marlin as code controllers. Many guide controllers are supported by r5-DSP, such as the rdc6442g/s, rdc6445g, rdc6332g, and rule-320a. Three proven controllers are supported: awc708c, awc608, and to-3120.

If you are using a code, guide, trocen, or top wisdom controller, the trial version may already support it even if it is not listed. If it does not work, sometimes making the necessary changes to enable a new board to function only takes a few days.

Please note that light burn does not support lasers that come with stock m2-nano boards. The board does not offer software-controlled power. To use light burn to its full potential, we recommend upgrading the board.


lightburn software

LightBurn runs on the following operating systems: Windows 7.0 or later, 32 or 64-bit, Mac OS 10.11 or later, and 64-bit Linux. In most cases, LightBurn does not need a powerful computer, though more memory is helpful if you plan to have a lot of images in your designs.

Several laser hardware controllers are supported, including the Ruida RDC644xG/S, the RDC6334, the Light Object R5-DSP, and the RDLC320A and RDLC220.

Lightburn software for Mac and Windows

The Lightburn laser software is now available for all non-metal Boxford laser cutting and engraving machines.

You can edit, design, and control your laser cutter with Lightburn. Among the formats that can be imported into the software are AI, PDF, SVG, DXF, PLT, PNG, JPG, GIF, and BMP. Also included in the software are several other useful features for improving laser cutting and engraving results.

An interface for users

It is easy to use, clean and simple to use the Lightburn user interface. This software also allows you to customize the various windows to suit your working style. It even borrows some elements from vector design software such as Adobe Illustrator, creating a familiar environment for graphic designers and artists.


One of the most impressive things you can do with a laser engraver is to etch photographic images directly onto materials. The files can be imported directly into Lightburn, ready to be laser engraved. Photograph engraving works best with images that are high in contrast. Select from a wide range of engraving techniques with Lightburn, including Dither, Newsprint, and Half Tone.

Camera control for Lightburn

Connect a Lightburn camera to the software and access the software’s camera control features. This is one of the standout features of Lightburn.

With the camera, you can view your laser bed in real-time on your computer screen and trace images or shapes and quickly turn them into vector files.

In addition to capturing the material or objects in position on the laser bed, the software will also overlay your artwork just before cutting or engraving. You can use this option instead of making jigs to position your work accurately.

Control by laser

You can download Lightburn files directly to your laser controller via USB, save them on a flash drive, or transfer them over the wired network of your computer. It’s also possible to take control of many of the functions of the laser from the Lightburn software, such as moving the X and Y axis, starting, pausing, and stopping the laser.

The art library

Your favorite designs can now be accessed quickly and easily from Lightburn’s Art Library. From here, you can drag and drop image and vector-based files on your workspace, ready for cutting and engraving.

Other useful features.

Among Lightburn’s many features are the following:

  • Image trace JPEG or BMP files and turn them into vectors that can be cut or engraved
  • Generate QR codes
  • Rectangle corners
  • Resize, rotate, mirror, and off-set shapes and lines 
  • Apply any font installed on your PC or Mac to text objects 
  • Draw rectangles, polygons, circles, lines, and ellipses freehand 
  • Edit nodes and tabs 
  • Arrange items in a rectangle for batch processing

Disclaimer for light burn software

As a user, you are responsible for holding laser machines, laser systems, as well as the Lightburn software to the highest possible safety standards. According to you:

  1. Any damage to equipment or persons caused by the use of LightBurn will not be the responsibility of the author or contributor.
  2. You are familiar with the potential hazards of high-power lasers and high voltages.
  3. When you use a laser-controlled by LightBurn, you will wear laser-eye protection.
  4. You will use the LightBurn program ethically and safely.
  5. The author and contributors are released from any liability relating to the use or distribution of LightBurn.
  6. You take full responsibility for your actions. Lasers may be lethally dangerous.

 LightBurn Alternatives                               

 I. Draft Sight Premium

Draft Sight Premium is a cost-effective product that enables businesses to fulfill laser cutting, drafting, manufacturing, and modeling requirements with the aid of powerful features and 3D capabilities. It is an all-in-one package trusted by highly paid professionals to transition from 2D drafting to 3D and synchronize with other software and services. 

II. Turbo CAD

Turbo CAD is a multilingual design software application that allows designers, creators, manufacturers, and engineers to design stunning projects in both 2D and 3D. A separate edition of the platform is available based on the features available, which is priced higher/lower depending on the features. The platform runs smoothly on both Windows and Mac OSX.

III. Open Builds CAM & Control

Open Builds CAM & Control is one of the major applications that connect, manipulate, and converts drawings for use with a Drag Knife, CNC, Plasma, and Laser devices. It simplifies the process of connecting to and manipulating these machines and provides a variety of additional tasks for you to execute, such as doing GCODE jobs, setting zero coordinates, and jogging machines, as well as providing full firmware support.


For Microsoft Windows, LaserGRBL is a free, open-source GCode streamer developed using pure C# code as part of DIY Laser Engraver. Many features are included in this package, including the ability to process and stream the Gcode path to Arduino. Moreover, it includes a conversion tool that allows users to engrave logos, pictures, and images.

V. Laser Web

A browser application that enables CNC and laser machines to be connected and controlled, Laser Web is a web-based application. GCODE can also be generated from PNG, DXF, JPG, Bitmap, and SVG files for use with CNC & lasers. Separate installation programs are available for Linux, Windows, and macOS.

The documentation contains detailed information on Compatibility, Installation, Initial Configuration, Troubleshooting, and more.

VI. MeerK40t 

MeerK40t is an open-source laser software that can be run on many platforms, including Raspberry Pi, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X. It contains a beautiful graphical user interface and a host of powerful features that will make your project a success. It has a GUI as well as

A command-line interface that can be used without a GUI to run any project.

VII. Laser Draw

Listed on Amazon and E-bay, Laser Draw is a lightweight solution that includes affordable Chinese cutters. Laser Draw extension is open-source software that is free to download and is licensed under the GPL Version 2 license.

Among its features is the ability to save red and blue paths in vector forms, store every file in a zip format, separate designs by color, and ensure that exported files retain all attributes when viewed via Laser Draw.

3 Best Lightburn Alternatives for Small Businesses in 2023

·         SmartSites

Providing web development, SEO, and PPC, SmartSites is a full-service digital agency. Among their 50 employees are designers, developers, and strategists.

·         CIENCE

CIENCE provides human-driven and machine-driven outbound sales management services. It provides strategies for providing growth firms throughout the world with qualified and reasonably priced research, sales support, and sales development tools.

·         Revenue

The goal of the digital sales and marketing campaigns created by Revenue River, a digital marketing and sales innovation agency, is to generate leads for businesses that are ready to make a purchase.

What is Lightburn Software?

Lightburn is a software designed for laser cutting and engraving machines. It allows users to create designs and directly control their laser cutting/engraving machines from a computer.

What are the features of Lightburn Software?

Vector and raster image processing
Advanced layer controls
Support for multiple file formats (e.g. DXF, PNG, JPG, SVG)
Direct communication with laser machines
Supports grayscale and color mapping
Power and speed controls
Image tracing and vectorization
Cut, engrave, and scoring capabilities
Support for multiple laser machines and control boards
Customizable tools and shortcuts
Built-in reference libraries for materials and optics.

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