Teen Patti

Last Updated on October 9, 2023 by Hanery Scott

If anyone wants to become a pro in the Poker game teen patti here are some tips and tricks which can make anyone noob to pro. Just manipulate the twist and make the rule to make it more challenging for yourself. Here are some variations which help you to make your game more dramatic.

What is teen patti variation?

First, you need a have a good understanding of playing or just become a master in playing poker games teen patti. For a better understanding of variation. 

The first variation of teen patti with Joker. 

Joker Hunt 

 This is the famous teen patti variations closest to the Poker. Once you get your three cards, a predetermined number is revealed. The broker must open twice as many cards as per the number of players plus three. The broker will deal 4 x 2 + 3 = 11 cards if there are four participants. You may dump one of your cards in exchange for a displayed card. The rest of the game goes the same we play three open cards rest as Joker.


This is the best teen patti variation. Each participant dealt 3 cards for every round. Two go upside-down, one still open, representing Joker. Either you have strong command, go bid for the game by showing a bet with an open as a Joker. 

Pack Jack 

The participants get three joker cards fronting up on the table. Fold or pack in the game, your cards replace the last joker cards on the table and become three new ones.

King Little 

The poker game teen patti King and Joker variation. In a collective way smallest of the three cards is handed and then each participant becomes the Joker. Suppose the participant has the variation of K, Q, & 4 suits. With no face value your K and 4 cards become Joker cards. You get a trio by switching K & 4 to become Q and your hands go with Q, Q, Q. 

Variation of Different Ranking Hands 


In this variation, the weakest hand wins, It is very simple, in the showdown, if two participants have a pair of Queen & a pair of 6s, the 6s wins. 

Descending sequence 

Make traditional teen patti by using a descending sequence. For example, J-Q-K is the unique teen patti variation but the others like 9-J-K require making a sequence. 

999 Variation 

It is the most-played variation in the current time. In this variation hand closet with 999 wines the game. In this variation from 2-9 keeps the same value and the face card all of them have zero value apart from Ace its value goes to 1. The participant has to get to close the score to win and get 999.  

Other Variations of teen Patti

There is no limitation to the variation of the poker game teen patti as the above variations are the most common and trendy. The variation exists just because of the challenging skill set of the multiple users. In the Poker game teen patti players are very creative and love to make it more effective. 

Final words 

It is difficult to become a pro player in the Poker game teen patti but if anyone has enough information and is enthusiastic about playing teen patti. If one has a good command of playing teen patti that person can go for the variation of teen patti just go for it and use thousands of variations with which they can enhance their playing skills and make an exceptional command of this game. So just use the above variation of paying the poker game teen patti and win money.