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SAN DIEGO, California – Modern butcher shop The Meatery is enjoying a new level of consistent success as food trends stoke the greater success of Wagyu steak, a high-quality beef supplier that is offered as a premier product of this modern butcher shop.

The Meatery’s flagship product, the Japanese A5 Wagyu beef has a beautiful, full-profiled, buttery umami flavor that is unlike anything else, boasting a truly distinct taste. Japanese A5 Wagyu beef is recommended to be served only with truffle salt and pepper, cooked in a cast iron or steel pan in its own natural juices. Nicholas Fiorentino, the founder and CEO of The Meatery offers his clients insightful tips on how to take this already sensational cut of steak to another level.

Offering Tips & Guidance for the Best Results

The website for this butcher shop offers extensive content for its users and clients. With a wide variety of cuts and flavors, The Meatery also offers its loyal clients tips and tricks on how to elevate their experience with the meat that they purchase. For example, the Japanese A5 Wagyu beef is recommended to be included in a simple meal to allow the flavor of the Wagyu to shine. Pairing with similarly high-quality ingredients without overseasoning is the perfect approach to crafting a memorable meal featuring Japanese A5 Wagyu beef. Squash, broccoli, or seasonal vegetables cooked in olive oil and cracked pepper and salt offer the Wagyu steak, make the perfect accompaniment to an excellent entree. Pair this meal with a Cabernet, Bordeaux, or a younger Burgundy, to bring a softer mouthfeel and less of an acidic component. 

Acidity, as well as savory and earthy notes of flavor, work to provide the Japanese A5 Wagyu beef steak an excellent balance. Working especially well with cuts holding a high beef marble score, other possible pairings are cocktails like a highball or an old-fashioned.

Creating the best experience is crucial to The Meatery, as the brand considers informing customers to be as important as introducing them to Wagyu in the first place. “A lot of people get overwhelmed when they start trying to get into this exciting little subculture,” Fiorentino explains. “So we think of it as just as important to give people the correct guidance in creating an excellent culinary experience. Otherwise, this beautiful product that has a lot of value ends up wasted.”

The Meatery is an Authorized and Licensed Retailer of Wagyu Beef 

The Meatery was founded in 2020 during the pandemic and recently earned certification from the Kobe Beef Association, offering the business the chance to sell the national treasure of Japan. As The Meatery opened its second retail storefront in May, the company has outlined plans to open more in 2023. Known by locals as offering the best Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef, The Meatery builds its stellar reputation on its familiarity with exemplary products.

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