Small Apartments

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Living in a small apartment doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the convenience and efficiency of your household appliances. In fact, numerous brands specialise in designing compact, multifunctional, and energy-efficient appliances perfect for smaller spaces.

In this post, we will explore some of the best household appliances designed with small apartments in mind.

Compact Washer and Dryer

When space is limited, a compact washer and dryer combo can be a lifesaver. Opt for a model that is stackable or an all-in-one unit that washes and dries in a single machine, thus saving space without sacrificing performance.

Recommended Model: Bosch 300 Series Compact Washer and Dryer

Mini Refrigerator

A mini refrigerator is a must-have for small apartments – they are energy-efficient and can fit conveniently into tight spaces.

Recommended Model: Magic Chef Retro Mini Fridge

Slimline Dishwasher

A slimline dishwasher takes up significantly less space than a full-sized model, making it ideal for small kitchens.

Recommended Model: Bosch 18” 800 Series Dishwasher (and if for whatever reason you experience issues with your new Bosch dishwasher, you can always rely on efficient and affordable Bosch repairs in your area).

Countertop Oven

Instead of a large conventional oven, consider a countertop oven. They are versatile, cooking everything from toasted sandwiches to entire meals, and take up minimal space.

Recommended Model: Breville Smart Oven Pro

Two-Burner Cooktop

A two-burner cooktop is another space-saving solution for small apartment dwellers who don’t want to sacrifice home-cooked meals.

Recommended Model: Cuisinart Cast-Iron Double Burner

Space-saving Microwave

Choose a microwave that can be mounted under a cabinet or above your range to save valuable counter space.

Recommended Model: Panasonic NN-SD372S

Vertical Storage Vacuum

To keep your small apartment clean without a bulky appliance, consider a slim, vertical storage vacuum cleaner.

Recommended Model: Dyson V11 Torque Drive

Compact Air Purifier

For those with allergies or simply a desire for cleaner air, a compact air purifier is a small and effective solution.

Recommended Model: Levoit LV-H132

Multipurpose Coffee Machine

A compact, multipurpose coffee machine that can brew your favourite coffee beverages without taking up too much counter space is a great addition.

Recommended Model: Nespresso Essenza Mini

Retractable Range Hood

For small kitchens, a retractable range hood is perfect. It extends when you need to use it and retracts back, saving space when not in use.

Recommended Model: Broan-NuTone 413004 Stainless Steel Range Hood

Under-sink Water Filter

To ensure you always have clean drinking water without the clutter of a countertop filtration system, consider an under-sink water filter.

Recommended Model: APEC Water Systems ROES-50

Space-saving Toaster

Opt for a slim design toaster that can perfectly fit even the most cramped kitchen countertops.

Recommended Model: Cuisinart CPT-122 Compact 2-Slice Toaster

Smart Plugs for Energy Management

Utilise smart plugs to remotely control and manage the energy usage of your appliances. These are particularly beneficial for small apartments where every penny counts.

Recommended Model: TP-Link HS103P2 Smart Plug

Wall-mounted Ironing Board

To keep your clothes crisp without the need for a bulky ironing board, consider a wall-mounted design that folds away when not in use.

Recommended Model: Household Essentials 18100-1 StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board

Ensuring Longevity with Regular Maintenance

While these appliances are designed to be compact and efficient, it’s essential to ensure they stay in optimal condition through regular maintenance. For reliable and certified appliance repairs and maintenance services, do some online research for a reputable service provider in your area.

Expert Tips for Arranging Small Spaces

  • Use Vertical Space: Make the most of your walls by installing shelves or hanging storage solutions.
  • Choose Multi-functional Furniture: Opt for furniture that serves more than one purpose, such as a dining table that can also function as a work desk.
  • Keep it Clutter-free: In a small space, less is more. Regularly declutter and organise to keep your apartment feeling spacious and comfortable.

The Importance of Energy Efficiency

In a small apartment, every utility bill counts. Opt for appliances with Energy Star ratings or high energy efficiency to not only save on your monthly bills, but also to reduce your carbon footprint. Many brands prioritise energy-efficient designs, making them ideal for environmentally conscious consumers.

Warranty and Repair Services

Invest in appliances from manufacturers that offer extensive warranties and have a network of reliable repair services. Regardless of what make and model your kitchen and laundry appliances are, regular check-ups and maintenance from certified technicians can be a vital aspect of ensuring your products last for the long term, saving you money and reducing waste.

Ready to get started?

Living in a small apartment should not limit your access to high-quality and efficient household appliances. By choosing compact, multifunctional, and energy-efficient options like those listed above, you can maximise your space and live comfortably. Remember that regular maintenance is key to ensuring the longevity and performance of your appliances.

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