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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could press a button and people would just stumble into your web pages when they search for your goods or services? Sadly, it isn’t that simple. However, you can definitely tip the scales in your favour with the correct digital marketing methods.

At Break the Web, we use SEO and PPC to assist our customers in cutting through the clutter of a crowded online market. Here are some justifications for Google Ads’ value and ways that they can give even the smallest company a competitive edge.

Unlimited Potential

With millions of keywords available for bidding and new ones being added every day, Google Ads offers a scalable marketing technique. Your potential audience is thus essentially limitless.

Prepared to increase your traffic? Add a few fresh keyphrases! Have you developed a PPC campaign that is profitable? Spend more money each day to get more clicks.

The keywords are ranked using a bidding method in Google Ads. A greater bid will put you in a better position. Therefore, if you’re at position 4, increasing your spending might help you move up to position 2.

The more you rank, the more visitors and clicks you’ll receive because money is what keeps the world turning. By raising your bid, you can entice as many potential clients as your budget will allow.

Impressive performance tracking and analytics

The free Google Ads programme is a tool that is packed with useful and analytical analytics. It makes it simple to A/B test your landing pages and ad copy to increase ROI, which is essential for any successful digital marketing campaign.

The pay-per-click statistics not only describe how your adverts are doing but also make suggestions for improvements. They provide you with a wealth of information, including your conversion rate, average cost per click, and ad position.

Your cost-per-conversion (CPC), click-through rate (CTR), keyword search volume, ad quality score, and ad position ranking are all visible at a glance. It’s simple to identify what’s working and what isn’t, then make adjustments.

Get ahead of your competition

Your competitors will constantly be trying to steal your traffic and sales via SEO and PPC, no matter what business you’re in. By increasing your bid on the appropriate terms, though, you can beat them with Google Ads.

Let’s say your rivals are using SEO to outrank you on search engine results pages. With a clever PPC strategy, you can increase your bid and outbid them.

Or, if they’re running a PPC campaign, all you need to do to knock them off the first page of results is outbid them.

You can use paid search to not only deprive your rivals of clicks and traffic, but also to direct that traffic to your website. You are essentially shifting their traffic to your own website.

Get ahead of your competition

Google ads are available in a wide range of formats 

The platform now gives amazing personalization and control over the ad experience thanks to features like sitelinks, social proofing, location targeting, ad extensions, and shopping advertisements for eCommerce.

To fulfil the unique requirements of different companies, including hotels, restaurants, and car manufacturers, there are specialised ad formats accessible. Rich virtual components, such as interactive maps and high-resolution photographs, can also be added.

Whatever business you work in, there’s a strong chance you’ll come across features intended to increase the attraction of your services and products to your intended market. And since it’s Google, you can be sure that new features and formats are continuously being introduced.

Target potential consumers when they are engaged

We are all familiar with how it operates. When you search for a certain good or service on Google, page after page of SERPs appear, with the first page featuring the adverts and websites that are most pertinent to your search. So you start shopping by clicking on the first result that catches your eye.

The main benefit of Google Ads is that they show up before organic search results at the top of the search results page. This means that you are speaking to your target audience when they are interested and prepared to take action.

Additionally, Google Ads allows you total control over your targeting options, including age, region, precise search phrases, and even hobbies and interests.

Precisely targeting local and niche market

Google Ads gives local businesses with an online presence a great chance to connect with potential clients in their neighbourhood. In fact, 72% of customers who conduct local searches decide to go to a business that is five miles from where they are right now. That’s a significant sum!

With Google Ads, you can make your address and phone number clickable, enable location and call extensions, and display your address. To concentrate on your local market and avoid competing with well-known, national companies, you can even enable geographical range boundaries.

The benefit of being keyword-specific with Google Ads is another benefit if you’re in a specialised industry. This enables you to identify your target market so that your advertisement is seen by the appropriate people, resulting in lower costs.


Google Ads are valuable because they offer businesses of all sizes a cost-effective way to connect with a nearly unlimited, niche audience. Your bids are quite flexible and can be started, stopped, paused, or even changed at any time. There are many Google Ads Services and  Digital advertising agency which are effective and affordable.

For small firms with limited marketing resources, the pay-per-performance pricing model is a huge asset. Additionally, by concentrating on long-tail, niche, and local keywords, you can avoid going up against major corporations with massive advertising budgets.

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