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A child’s taste preferences and eating habits are formed in childhood and are undoubtedly influenced by society, however, the foundations are still laid in the family. It is parents who can build a solid foundation of good eating habits that a kid will follow throughout life.

It is important to understand that a baby will not always be next to you. For up to one or two years, you can control what your little one eats. But the older a kid becomes, the more often it will eat outside the home (kindergarten, school, or on a walk with friends). Therefore, it is important not to forbid certain foods, but to teach a baby to independently choose high-quality, nutritious, and healthy options.  Let’s check out 5 tips to ensure your little one is healthy. 

5 Tips To Ensure Your Baby's Healthy

Have Breakfast

You should make a kid understand the importance and necessity of breakfast, even if it is just a banana and a glass of milk. This is a kind of start for awakening the body, tone for the whole body, and a charge of energy for the whole day. If you succeed in instilling in a kid the habit of eating healthy breakfasts, it will stick to them as an adult. For babies, cereal can be a good way for breakfast. There is research made by NHANES that proves that a kid who regularly consumes organic baby cereal had significantly greater nutrient levels when it came to carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals compared to infants that did not consume baby cereal.

Choose Healthy Snacks

It’s extremely easy to have chips or cookies when a kid is craving something to munch on. However, such snacks, as a rule, contain few nutrients and too many calories. Instead, try to get into the habit of keeping your kitchen stocked with healthier snacks like fruit, unsalted popcorn, nuts, natural yogurt with no fillers, etc.

Eat Slowly

Eating slowly is very helpful in controlling body weight at any age. You need to teach your little ones to chew slowly and make sure a kid has at least 20 minutes to chew the food properly.

Don’t Forget About Water 

Prefer water as your main drink throughout the day, and use juices and sugary drinks on separate occasions. They say that the juice contains nutrients and provides a concentrated charge of energy for the growing organism, but it does not satisfy the need for water. That’s why when children feel thirsty, they should drink water first, not sweetened drinks.

Don’t Give Up

According to the research, babies need to try something at least 7-10 times before they like it. Therefore, do not be afraid to introduce children to new or even exotic tastes. A good tactic is to provide children with a wide variety of foods and explain that tasting new flavors is a sign that they are growing. You can also take a baby to the store and allow it to choose its flavors and taste something new at home.

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