Luxury Car

Last Updated on January 16, 2023 by Umer Malik

Dubai is such a city in the world that provides facilities. If you are interested in vehicles, you have this facility in the same city and you can rent your custom car through this link Luxury Car Rental Dubai.

This is your own choice are you in the search of an economy car, sports car, or luxury car. All kinds of cars are available for rent at the above link. If you have a family with you, you can hire a family car.

Economy Cars

An economy car is the best option in case when you have a low budget. For an economy car, you can hire Nissan, the budget is low you will pay only 150 AED per day. This car contains 4 doors and 5 people can easily sit in this car. This car is present in red color.

If you like Kia Pegas 2020, this is available in the category of economy cars. For this car, you will pay only 120 AED per day. This is an automatic car with beautiful blue color. Like Nissan, this car also contains 4 doors and 5 seating capacities.

Hire Renault symbol 2020, this is a stylish car with a low budget. You will only pay 100 AED per day. This car is present in white color and looks good from exterior. You can enjoy yourself with your friends in this car as it has the capacity of 5 people.

You can see that all these cars have very cheap and you can hire them for a single day, week or a month. If you are visiting for the long term then a monthly package is good for you because monthly packages are always discountable.

Sports Cars

This is good news for sports car lovers that now sport cars are also available for rent. Rent Audi A5 Cabrio S Line just for the 600 AED price per day. This is a white color open car with a seating capacity of 4 people. This is an automatic car with 2 doors. In order to book this car visit Luxury Car Rental Dubai.

Maserati Ghibli is a sports car, in order to book this car you will pay 700 AED per day. This car is looking best from the exterior, also you cannot ignore the beauty of the interior. This gives you comfortable driving as the seat of this car is soft covered by leather. This is an automatic car with a beautiful black color. It contains 4 doors and the seating capacity is also 4.

Rent Corvette Grand Sport car, for this you will pay 1300 AED per day. This is also an automatic car with attractive dark grey color. It contains two doors and two seating capacity, if you have more friends then this car is not a better option for you because there are only two people allowed.

Rent Lamborghini Huracan Dubai with a price of 2500 AED per day. Most people have a dream to drive Lamborghini but now you have the chance to hire it. You can hire it in the best color combination of dark and gray. This car contains 2 seats and 2 doors.

Rent Ferrari 488 Spider Dubai with a price of 3500 AED per day. Ferrari is famous because of its speed and style. Dubai roads are the perfect roads for sports cars. You can hire Ferrari 488 in silver color which contains 2 seating capacities. It’s meant only two people can be allowed during traveling. Apart from these, there are a lot of cars for you. To drive Luxury Car Rental Dubai you must be 21 years old and you must contain an international driving license