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Snorkeling in Cancun when vacationing is always a good idea. Maybe you would like to go snorkeling on your next vacation, or perhaps you’re already enjoying some days off and are looking for something fun to pump up the adventure. When it comes to planning for a snorkeling experience,many individuals wonder exactly how they can go about planning for one. Lucky you, here are some tips for when you go snorkeling on your vacation.

Where to snorkel

Perhaps, the most essential planning step that you need to take before going on a scuba diving holiday is creating all of your concerns. When it comes to getting a snorkeling vacation, you need to make sure that you create your scuba diving concerns. If you are traveling in an area where snorkeling is a widespread fascination, like Cancun or Akumal, you may want to make your snorkeling concerns in progress, to ensure that you are able to get a spot. Just like you book your flights and accommodations, we suggest you book beforehand. And when looking to snorkel in the Caribbean, is our number one recommendation.

Snorkeling essencials

When creating your scuba diving concerns, it is essential that you see if there are any demands or constraints charged. Some people tend to confuse scuba diving and snorkeling requirements. For scuba diving organizations, experience and certification are required. But when it comes to snorkeling in Cancun you don’t need to be experienced or have a certificate, anyone can snorkel.

Snorkeling is a sport that can be done professionally or not, there are no strict requirements other than the one settled by the government, like wearing a lifejacket at all times.

Rules to follow when snorkeling

With Cancun Snorkeling, you’ll snorkel in the iconic National Reef Park of Puerto Morelos, which is part of the Mesoamerican Reef Barrier, the second largest coral reef system in the world. This means it has specific instructions for all swimmers, such as the following:

  • No sunblock or bug repellent is allowed when entering the water. This is to protect the reef from chemicals.
  • Swim where allowed. For preservation reasons, most of the best snorkeling spots are protected and are only accessible with a certified guide, through a booking tour.  You can snorkel at any beach, but for a better experience, you’ll need to take a boat, in this case, to the coral reef of Puerto Morelos. 
  • Stay with your group. When booking a tour, even if it’s private, you’ll probably have to share the ocean with other tour groups. Just follow your guide and keep an eye on your boat so you don’t get mixed up with another group.
  • Wear your life jacket. The coral reef is so colorful and full of life, perfect to snap some cool pictures. We know how tempting it can be to take off your life jacket, but for safety reasons, we encourage you not to! 
  • Follow your guide’s instructions at all times. There might be other specific rules to follow your guide will instruct you, and it’s always better to follow instructions and listen to any other suggestions.
  • Ask for help and have fun. In case you get tired or find yourself struggling when snorkeling, don’t be afraid to ask for help, guides will give you a hand so you can have fun and enjoy the experience at its best.

By keeping the above-described scuba diving holiday planning tips in mind, you should be able to strategy, create for, and have the perfect scuba diving holiday. By getting some time to effort, when planning and planning for your next scuba diving experience, you will likely have some time that you will never forget.

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