Ferrari in Fortnite

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Fortnite is all about guns, skins, and structures. Vehicles, not so much, but they are sure fun to use. If the map features one or two, that is. Now, Epic Games is adding another ride to the most popular Battle Royale on the planet. This time, it’s a licensed, real-life ride for the Fortnite Account: the Ferrari.

Why Fortnite and Why Ferrari

Fortnite is no stranger to having cars and other forms of transportation in the game. The Ferrari, however, is the game’s first-ever licensed car, and Epic Games couldn’t have gotten a more perfect car for such an honor. After all, the Italian luxury sportscar brand is among the most recognizable in the world. It’s become such because of its long history of being featured in movies such as 007 Goldeneye and Die Another Day, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and of course, the rather recent titular Ford v Ferrari.

At the same time, the Ferrari isn’t exactly a newcomer when it comes to being featured in video games. It should go without saying that a wide plethora of racing games have included various Ferrari models in their roster. Heck, there’s even an official game franchise centered on the car itself.

Plus, Ferrari has an official eSports team, which competes in various driving sims and racing games. It’s unlikely for them to play Fortnite at a long-time competitive function, but it’s more than likely for them to play the Battle Royale as a promotion for the brand in the Fortnite item Shop.

On Luxury Items as Video Game Ads

The Ferrari model that will be featured on Fortnite will be the Ferrari 296 GTB. For the car-inclined individuals, the model boasts of a turbocharged V6 engine and an 818-horsepower electric motor. The sportscar, however, will not be officially out until 2022, and is worth $330,000. A rather expected price, given the quality and prestige attached to the brand. Most of us who don’t have that much money, however, will just have to be content at the online configurator and Fortnite.

Speaking of its hefty price tag, the other striking thing about the Ferrari in Fortnite is that it’s one of the few instances of luxury brands partnering with video games as an advertisement. Other than car brands, Louis Vuitton is a rather frequenter of video game partnerships, as it’s teamed up with popular MOBA League of Legends, and even had Final Fantasy XIII’s protagonist Lightning Farron as a model.

How this will translate to sales, perhaps only the Ferrari marketing team knows. Hey, maybe since Fortnite is huge with influencers, who in turn have fast and easy money, then maybe that is one way. And perhaps keeping brand recall strong with the youth will definitely help, as a handful of Fortnite players are bound to be millionaires or even more, who in turn are bound to buy a Ferrari. Or just buy Fortnite Accounts for sale with a Ferrari.  

Different Set of Wheels

Like what’s been previously said, Ferrari isn’t the first four-wheeled civilian land vehicle to ever hit the pavement on Fortnite. The older, unlicensed, and completely fictional ones, however, are worth the mention.

First on the list is the islander Prevalent, which looks like your completely regular but slightly stylish hatchback. Its bright-orange paint shows that it’s not completely boring.

On the other hand, the more exciting choice is the Victory Motors Whiplash. Its tagline, “It’s not just a name, it’s a warning”, is proof that this car is for the more adventurous types. Bright blue with two neon red racing stripes across the middle, this old-school sportscar is the epitome of speed. At least until the Ferrari gets added into the game, that is.

For the more rugged and outdoorsy among us, then it would be a no-brainer for them to go with the OG Bear pickup. Aside from its off-road charms, the OG Bear looks like something out of the 1970s, making it also the choice for retro lovers. Last but definitely not the least would be Mudflap, which is a big and full-blown rig. Players that wanted to fulfill their trucker fantasies in a Battle Royale should definitely pick this one up.

For Fortnite cars, driving off-road is rough unless they have off-road tires, which can be found in various locations. This is likely to apply to the Ferrari unless the brand is very image-conscious and would not have that, which means the car would still drive smoothly even when not in asphalt. Lastly, they all need fuel to run. Thus, it’s important for players to take note of where the gas stations are.

So, ready to drive that red hot sportscar? You better be. Just be careful – you’re going to be on other players’ crosshairs with a car like that.