Sports in America

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What is your go-to form of entertainment? Netflix and chill? Swimming or hiking? For many people worldwide, watching others sports in america is a thrilling adventure and a time for socializing with friends.

Vox explored some of the reasons why many people are obsessed with sports. Engaging in sports actively or passively increases testosterone levels and aggression. Additionally, your preferred sport(s) is probably because of your place of birth and where you live. 

America has interesting sports following unconventional in other countries. Here are seven of the most popular sports in America by viewership.

NFL Football

Yeah, you have to say that correctly, American football, most notably NFL football. The rest of the world considers soccer to be football. The NFL attracts millions of viewers on T.V. on average. According to Forbes, Super Bowl XLIX is the most watched game ever, with 114 million viewers, representing almost a third of America. People support pro football in various ways, including betting on their favorite NFL champions. Of course, you can easily access free NFL picks and predictions to make informed picks.


Basketball, especially men’s pro games, receives massive media attention in America and other countries. Most social media users can easily name one or two famous pro basketball players. The National Basketball Association( NBA) is exciting and hyped, and the media closely follows pro basketball players’ lives and their families.


Although love for baseball seems to be declining over the years, it is still the favorite sport for many Americans. Interestingly, baseball was the first pro sport in America. Baseball and its variant, softball, attract an average of 198 000 viewers, as per Sportytell reports.


Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, especially in the World Cups and the Premier League. It has a cult following in other countries, such as England and Brazil. However, it’s not as popular as the NFL in the U.S. That said, soccer is still prevalent in America, with an average audience of five million. 

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey has a specific audience and followership regarding age and geography. Pro players competing in the National Hockey League majorly come from America and Canada. Despite having a generally exclusive audience, Ice Hockey garners significant viewership of over 2.5 million viewers.


Tennis is quite popular in the U.S. Americans follow tennis players in events such as the U.S. Open and tournaments such as Tour Finals and Olympic Games. Some names, such as the Williams Sisters and Naomi Osaka, are household names.


Golf has gained a reputation as a sport for the wealthy and elite. However, in recent years, it has gained attention from regular citizens, with a significant percentage of Americans playing golf. Although there are no official statistics on viewership, people like Tiger Woods made golf quite famous in America.

Final Note

Now you know the most popular sports in America. What’s your favorite sport? If you are like many Americans, you probably are a big fan of the NFL, and you bet on the games. Get our free NFL picks and predictions and enjoy more wins.

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