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Why do students find competitive exams tough: reasons and preparation tips

Why do students find competitive exams tough: reasons and preparation tips

Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by Umer Malik

In the education system, we grow and learn competitive exams play an important role in the lives of students. Whether to get admissions in dream colleges, universities or to grab the desired job positions and recruitment process, competitive exams are conducted to test and examine the knowledge of learners like clep spanish practice test.

 These competitive exams are usually different from what students give and practice in their schools and colleges. There are several reasons why students find competitive exams tough. Let us discuss these reasons and some tips for students to make wise choices and prepare well accordingly.

Reasons for competitive exams being tough for students

  • Exam fear and misconceptions

Many students experience exam fear. If the exam was tough for some, they start believing that it’s tough for them too and they keep on assuming that they won’t be able to clear the exam. Believing in such misconceptions makes students find competitive exams tough. It also leads to stress which further affects brain functioning, intelligence, and preparation of the students for such exams.

  • Procrastination makes exams tougher to clear

One of the very wrong habits which make students find competitive exams tough is procrastination. When students keep avoiding and prioritizing learning and exam preparation, they are not able to complete and manage the syllabus. Delaying and procrastinating make students pile up the learning work. Later when they sit to study, the huge chunks of the syllabus become difficult to understand and comprehend, furthermore making competitive exams tough to clear.

  • Vast syllabus to cover

All competitive exams such as UPSC, SSC, GATE, REET, CTET, etc have a good amount of syllabus that all students have to cover to appear and clear the exams. English language, quantitative analysis, general knowledge, and reasoning ability, all make the syllabus huge. This makes students feel stressed about how to study and complete everything timely. This is also one of the reasons why students find competitive exams tough.

  • Time management problems

Many students after their senior secondary education start working and side by side prepare for competitive exams too. These exams demand a lot of time to prepare well. Difficulty in managing to learn and work together affects the time management skills of the students. This makes exam preparation difficult for them too. 

Select for the exams you are interested in.

Parents, society, competition, family, and friends, all these people, and with so many suggestions, expectations, and advice, sometimes students make the wrong choices as well. To meet the expectations of parents and society or win in the race of the student competition, students tend to choose the exams which are unfit for them.

Later when they start preparing, the lack of interest, makes studies and preparation quite complex for them. With their learning abilities, they are not able to prepare effectively for the exams selected by them because of wrong choices. This affects the future, present time, and career of the students. Hence all students must think out of the existing societal expectations, stereotypes, and prejudices. Select and prepare for the exams which you are passionate and interested in only.

Preparation tips for competitive exams

Go for crash courses

Along with self-studies, additional help can be a good choice to prepare and clear competitive exams. There are several coaching centers and educational institutions that come up for a short span of the course where they teach you the syllabus and effective ways and tricks to clear the planned competitive exams. Such courses are called crash courses.

In a short span only, they make students prepare well and face fewer difficulties in clearing the exams. They are available in both online and offline modes. For more flexibility and convenience, use the best app for online classes to join crash courses and learn better.

Start your preparation timely

Avoid procrastination and delay. Make your exam preparation a priority. The syllabus is vast and therefore studies should be carried well in advance. Therefore, students must start preparing timely and practice regularly.

Refer to right and standard learning material only

Students believe that for competitive exams they have to use, read and practice from multiple books and guides. But this is a false assumption and must be avoided. Use the books and study material that has the standard syllabus and lessons for practice. Quality matters more than quantity.


By reading the above-mentioned information we can make out that competitive exams and scores are important for all students. They should make the wise and best decisions for themselves when it comes to competitive exam preparation as it is a matter of their career and future. After making the right choices, stay consistent and effective with your exam preparations.

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