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There are mainly two popular hair transplant methods that are used in general, Follicular  Unit Extraction) and Follicular Unit Transplantation(FUT). Though both hair restoration procedures have their unique requirements and associated results of naturally looking thick and shiny hair.

How to differentiate both methods with their benefits and identity?

Both FUE and FUT are different in their processes and the benefits included with them:


In FUE, the hair follicles are extracted from the donor area of the scalp by the surgeon with the least detectable thinning of hair at the donor site. This process makes hair transplantation easier as the hair follicles are harvested via microscopic circular openings on the scalp.

There are various benefits associated with FUE hair transplant:

  • Quick recovery rate

As the FUE process is associated with lesser invasive activities, the recovery time takes a short duration to get healed by the patient. Even patients can get involved in their daily schedules faster.

  • Modern Technology assistance 

The FUE hair transplant process gets conducted with highly advanced technology and modern automated devices to make the procedure better with assured positive results.

  • Painless hair transplantation method

The FUE hair transplantation method gives more comfort to patients than FUT due to its painless surgery. Even minimal issues or signs get healed within a week with good outcomes.

  • Cost-effective

The affordability of FUE offers great relaxation for patients. The hair surgeon can extract several hair follicles in a single go with the cost of hair grafts required to accomplish the expected result.

How to differentiate both methods with their benefits and identity?


In the FUT method, the thin part of the tissue is taken from the back of your scalp. Then each follicle will be removed through stereo-microscopic dissection. As soon the follicles are harvested, the injury is closed by leaving a single thin linear scar.

The listed benefits are connected to the FUT process or hair transplant:

  • Real and natural-looking outcomes

As the scar line is very thin that even can’t be detectable easily making the healing process easy with the surrounding hair. The comfort level of the procedure helps you follow the activities without realizing that you have been going through a hair transplant surgery.

  • Balanced recovery duration

The recovery time is adjustable and the patient gets healed in ten to twelve days usually. In some cases, patients experience swelling at the site where the strip of the scalp is removed but to heal the pain, the required medication is prescribed.

  • Higher quality grafts

In the process of FUT, the area from where the hair is harvested is the permanent hair-holding section. This is the reason the protective tissue gets unbroken and grafts are of good quality.

So, even the FUE and FUT hair transplant processes are suitable per the need of the patients and that can provide a good result too of getting natural and thicker hair.

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