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Digital media have revolutionized our lives so much and one important part of it is the content creation. All the content creators out there are completely aware of what content creation is and how artificial intelligence has protected the future of content creation. A copywriter needs AI to get ideas on how to improve copywriting, a videomaker seeks help from AI to create quality videos. We dedicate this era to AI and we owe a lot to AI tools as they have completely surpassed the old methods of content creation. Now, we have AI-powered tools like and ChatGPT to create content. Let us create a comparison between both these tools and the benefits we get from them and see which one is better at creating content than the other.

How AI has revolutionized content creation?

Artificial intelligence has been a great revolution in content creation, content writing, and other professional tasks. Earlier, people would struggle with writing and creating content and completing their projects on time. Even since AI has stepped into the world of content creation, people are now able to create double the content than they would at the same time back in time. We can say that AI has strongly influenced the way people now create content.

A sneak peek into is a powerful AI tool that features the functions of a AI Writer, videomaker, Logomaker, Speechmaker, and much more. has given a new dimension to content writing and content creation. With its powerful tools, you can excel at creating and writing content.

ChatGPT or A contrast between these AI tools.

We live in the world of AI and two prominent names in this area are ChatGPT and We have seen how ChatGPT works when it comes to writing content and giving brilliant ideas on how to improve your social media and all but there is one aspect that is missing in ChatGPT and that is the video making and video editing., on the other hand, can do copywriting and videomaking as well. You get your best ideas for creating videos on Videomaking has never been easy as it is now with AI-powered Videomaker. It enables you to edit your videos without any effort and brainstorming and you can improve your video creation skills with this AI-powered tool.

How the future of content creation is safe with

Video editing is an essential part of any video-making. You will find several video editing tools on the Internet but you will find a few of them that are easily accessible and easy to use. And for all such reasons we swear by videomaker. The video editing tool is your one-stop for every feature that is required to generate and edit videos. It is the best-suited video editor for beginners and experienced content creators as well.


To conclude everything, is there to conquer the AI world with its outstanding tools and services. This platform enables content creators to create content with more efficiency, innovation,and creativity. Of course, it does functions better than ChatGPT when it comes to generating and editing videos. And that is why content creators are inclined toward it.

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